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讲座题目:Econometrics of auctions

报告人:Professor Tong Li   Economics Department, Vanderbilt University

时间:2016年12月29日(星期四) 16:00



Over the last two decades, the literature on the econometrics of auction data has rapidly developed into one of the most active and successful areas of structural econometric research that integrates economic theory, econometric methods, and data analysis into a unified framework. This talk reviews the development of the literature, focusing on how advanced econometric methods have been developed to identify and estimate the structural auction models under various information structures and dealing with data complexity to help understand the bidders’ strategic behavior, and to provide a powerful means to address mechanism design and other policy related questions.


   李彤教授,于1993年和 1997年分别在美国University of California, San Diego和University of Southern California获得数学博士学位和经济学博士学位,1997年起先后任教于Washington State University、Vanderbilt University、Indiana University, Bloomington等美国顶尖高校,现为Vanderbilt University经济系讲习教授。李彤教授是计量经济学、微观经济学领域极为活跃的学者,研究成果有广泛的国际影响力;担任过顶尖大学的经济系主任,和国际一流经济学期刊的副主编。