92 Yorkies Found Living in Filth Find New Homes, Hoarders Agree to Probation
  • 08.08.2022
  • 2351

They were living in filth in a California home, and now most of the nearly 100 abused Yorkshire terriers have found furrever loving homes. The new owners are connecting in a Facebook group and many of the dogs are on their way to recovery. Inside Edition caught up with the owner of 12-year-old Yorkie Lucy, who lost her hearing and her teeth.'s Lisa Voyticki ( has more. #InsideEdition

Golden retriever takes care of pregnant wife
  • 07.08.2022
  • 852

Can we just admire the amount of love and affection as well as INTELLIGENCE this dog has?

Yorkie Protecting When Daddy Gets Home From Work!
  • 06.08.2022
  • 9062

Yorkie Protecting Daddy Gets Home From Work! Yorkie Puppy Growling & Protecting Her Cookie 🍪 Yorkie Biting Daddy's Ears Off! 🐕👂

Funny baby and little puppy dog having fun.
  • 05.08.2022
  • 2155

A 4 months old baby having fun with her yorkshire dog.

Angry French Bulldog on Diet Throws Tantrums for Not Getting Food
  • 04.08.2022
  • 14613

The Dramatic pause he did after she called him chubby was priceless

Yorkie hates walking, prefers to crawl instead
  • 03.08.2022
  • 838

Buddy the Yorkie is always being silly as he crawls around on the ground. Priceless!

This Dog Goes Paragliding With His Owner And Loves it! | The Dodo Soulmates
  • 02.08.2022
  • 707

Dog begs his dad to take him paragliding with him — watch the look on his face the first time they take off together 💙

Top 10 Teacup Dogs (Cute Dogs) - Best Small Dogs
  • 01.08.2022
  • 4687

They are very high maintenance depending on what you get, if they aren’t fed every four hours or so they can get very ill with hypoglycemic issues. It’s not a myth that these “teacup” dogs can come with a lot of health problems like water on the brain, liver issues, and bone problems. They are bred to be this tiny, it’s not natural. Everyone has their own opinion, but I’m a big fan of adopting pets who desperately need a forever home, and not paying thousands of dollars to a breeder who is playing with nature. They are hard to resist because they are so cute, but health is the most important thing. If you can give these dogs the home and close attention they need that’s your choice, but people need to stop pretending that these dogs have a healthier life than bigger dogs because any vet will tell you it’s not true.

Dog and Cat Reaction to Toy - Funny Dog & Cat Toy Reaction Compilation
  • 31.07.2022
  • 56078

You will fail with try not to laugh challenge when you see the dog and cat reaction to playing toy. Because cats and dogs are in complete surprised when it saw the toy for the first time. It is funny and cute. This is the funniest and best video ever!

The mother is a Dachshund and the father is a Jack Russell.
  • 23.07.2022
  • 2488

Newborn, one day old puppies that my Dog had given birth to. The mother is a Dachshund and the father is a Jack Russell.

Yorkie protecting puppies from Doberman
  • 22.07.2022
  • 1173

Puppies be like: but momma...we like the big one!

Crazy Yorkie tries to attack Doberman
  • 18.07.2022
  • 64282

i love how yorkies stand their ground. not even a flinch as the doberman is barking right in its face. but when the yorkie attacks the doberman runs hahaha

Yorkie talking
  • 17.07.2022
  • 10150

Our dog Paris talking about her day

Yorkie daddy enjoying pups with mom not really happy.
  • 16.07.2022
  • 5033

Apparently.. just like humans, mommy dogs get a little peeved when daddy gets to have fun of playing and all the pups just want to feed off her. Daddy got booted out!