The bones or similar things that dogs find and eat because of curiosity, or foods such as chicken bones, cutlets or fish bones given by the owner cause the disease. These bones or foreign objects are usually attached between the teeth, especially the teeth in the upper jaw. The dog always puts its paws on its face and tries to remove the object in its mouth with its tongue, in some cases it tries to remove this object by gagging.

Saliva accumulates and flows in the mouth. In addition, a foul smell comes from the mouth. Appetite is reduced. If it is an advanced case, bleeding and inflammation are seen in the gums. Especially chicken bones and chop bones should not be given to dogs. Litter should be kept where dogs cannot confuse them. While walking outside, it should be prevented from taking anything from the ground and eating.

Chewing and gnawing bone benefits dogs of all ages in many areas. By the word bone, we do not mean an animal bone, but bones made for dogs. The benefits of these artificial bones containing leather, tripe or starch produced for dogs are as follows:

Dental health

Bone chewing keeps your dog's teeth healthy. The problem with many dogs with dental disease is that they do not gnaw enough hard material. Chewing hard objects such as toys and bones prevents plaque buildup.

Boredom & Relief

Unlike humans, your dog will get bored when it's not caring about anything around. A chewing bone will keep your dog busy and mobile for hours. This will help especially older and less mobile dogs to spend time without getting bored. Keep in mind that when you are not home all day, it will be very annoying for your dog.

Satisfaction of the chewing urge

Puppies in particular have a great chewing urge and desire. Chewing bones are more suitable chewing objects than furniture legs and door edges. It is also useful for dogs that have new teeth.

Smell and taste

The taste and smell of the given bone is also a reason for preference for your dog. To find out which type of bone your dog likes, you will need to try different types.

When the size of the bone you will give is enough to be attached to its throat, throw it away and give a new one. Especially prefer products with brand, content, production and end consumption.