An important part of your dog's health, and one that is often forgotten by pet owners, is dental care. Regular Veterinarian check-ups should include dental exams. Start a regular brushing program at home. You should use special dog toothbrushes to brush its teeth. For dogs, special toothbrushes are sold in veterinary clinics and pet shops.

Tooth brushing should be started from an early age and should be made into a habit. At a young age, you can first run your fingers around your dog's gums and give it a toothbrush to play with, so it gets used to this process. Remember to reward it after and during each brushing. Reward it with constant words of love. Brushing is done by rubbing the brush with circular movements on the tooth surface. Special toothpastes should be used for dogs. If they brush with the toothpastes used by humans, this can cause various gastric problems when swallowed and they may also panic because their taste is not liked by them and it will cause foaming.

Follow a proper nutritional diet (no soft foods, no meals from the table, and foods that your vet will recommend). You should definitely use milky bones specially produced for dogs or special chewing products specific to dental care. Using these products will be both a game and dental care for it.

These types of products have also great benefit in strengthening the gums, as well as dry food.

In puppies younger than 6 months, baby teeth fall off and permanent teeth are completed in 7-8 months, and sometimes later, instead of changing milk teeth. Have your veterinarian check the exit intervals of permanent teeth, whether the tooth development is smooth, whether the deciduous teeth fall out. Anomalies recognized before 6 months of age will cause bigger problems later on.

Especially from the age of 5, have it checked every year for tartar and calculus accumulation. Most likely, the first tartar removal will be in this range. Pay attention to the use of gas anesthesia during tartar removal. Regular dental care should be continued after dental cleaning.