Hello there. Don't you want to teach your Yorkie the basic movements as well as different movements? This article is for you! Here are ways to turn even the most naughty dog ​​into a good-natured dog who knows a lot of games....

Why should we teach "Skills"?

An indispensable part of all dog owners who consider their animals a part of the family is to teach them skills and games. Training a dog is just like any other relationship; Setting rules and boundaries on the one hand (what is acceptable and what is not), on the other hand, teaching your dog what is expected of it, and finally learning to enjoy each other's existence by spending time together.

Flashy Skills

Everyone has a little bit of showing off, and dogs are no different from humans in this regard. Dogs love to make us laugh, and their antics often entertain us, but also help us get away from the stresses of everyday life. Taking time to work with your dog will strengthen your love bond with it and increase your communication skills. Your dog will love to focus on its skills.

Training for Desired Behaviors

The most important thing to consider when working on behavioral problems is to plan ahead of what you want your dog to do instead of the behavior you are trying to eliminate. If you want to permanently eliminate the wrong behavior, you must replace it with the correct behavior, otherwise no permanent change will be achieved.

Splashing on People

A common problem that dog owners have to deal with is their dog splashing on a person. Sometimes these leaps become such that the owner of the leap passion cannot accept visitors to his home for a while. Some breeds may have a tendency to jump in nature, but your dog should still behave in a more acceptable way, both at home and among people.

As anyone with a dog knows, training a dog takes quite a long time and effort. Also, if you want your dog to play various tricks and tricks, you need to make more effort and patience.