Our cute and lovely friends are always active and fidgety. But unfortunately they can get sick just like us. Have you ever thought what we can do if our dog gets a fever? When dogs get sick, many people want to look at the dog's temperature. However, trying to understand whether the dog has a fever by touching the ears, nose or head is not a definitive method. The sick dog usually has a dry nose. Learning to measure your dog's temperature correctly is essential to know if it's an emergency problem or not.

Body temperature in dogs should be taken rectally. Oral or rectal thermometers can be used for this. There are also digital or mercury thermometers available.

If you are using a mercury thermometer, do not forget to shake the thermometer and lower the temperature before using it.

Measuring the dog's temperature

It is very important for the dog to remain calm while measuring its temperature. It is best if an assistant holds the dog while you measure the temperature.
A helper should hold the dog's head and front of its body firmly by hugging it.
Meanwhile, you grab its tail, slightly lift it up and place the thermometer in the rectum. The rectum is located just below the tail base. But before placing the thermometer, do not forget to lubricate with a pomade, petroleum jelly, etc.. Advance the thermometer about 2 cm and wait for 2 minutes for mercury thermometers and until the signal is given for digital thermometers.
Now take out the thermometer and read.

* Normal body temperature in dogs is 37.5-39o C. If your dog's body temperature is above this temperature, consult your veterinarian immediately.

Note: If you are wearing clothes, you should take them off about 1 hour before taking a temperature to get accurate results.