What can I give my dog ​​if there is no food?

What can I give my dog ​​if there is no food?

The basic food of your dog, just like humans, is fats, carbohydrates and most importantly animal protein. Nutrition is an important point for the dog to stay healthy in every period. The more important solid foods are, the more important your dog gets the amount of water it needs. Experts recommend this amount as 2.5 times the daily diet of the dog. An adult dog eating one kilogram of dog food needs to drink 2.5 liters of water. This ratio is higher in pregnant dogs.
Sometimes we have no dog food and our dog is hungry. In such emergencies, we should always have a second plan.
For example, rice, carrots, bananas, meat products, fish, lettuce and spinach are the foods you can give your dog when you are in trouble. Despite all this, dry dog ​​food suitable for your dog is the most beneficial and should be the first choice.

Dogs' favorite foods
We have come across many things our little friends love other than food. Almost all of us have seen this in our observations. They eat home-cooked food with more appetite than dry food. In fact, they are not unfair; dry foods are healthy but slightly tasteless products for dogs.
The improved taste of human beings, the spices and sweeteners they use have also been attractive to our little friends. Especially, soft juicy foods and water are more delicious . Therefore, home cooking is in the first place among the foods that dogs love to eat.

Of course, everyone knows that dogs love meat and meat products, but there are fruits and vegetables that we can give as snacks as well as meat products. Examples include pear, sliced ​​apple, watermelon, pineapple, banana and carrot. In addition, yoghurt and cheese, which are rich in vitamins and minerals, can make our lovely friends happy.

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Editor: Melisa Atak